Monetize on the Move – Boost Your Income through Moodz App


Monetize on the Move – Boost Your Income through Moodz App:

In the digital world, smartphones have become an most important part of our lives, and so like as that mobile applications too. Yes, many people don’t have knowledge about, that mobile apps can be more than just tools or sources of entertainment – they can also be alternative sources of income.

Many people’s around the world are earning lakhs and lakhs though various mobile application.

In this article, we going to explore about one of the growing mobile application ” MoodZ App ” and will explore various ways to earn money from mobile applications.

Ways To Earn From Moodz App:

1. Upload Videos:

Simply upload any good videos and earn points. Later you can convert the points and withdraw to your bank account.
Even in Facebook / Instagram reels and YouTube shorts, they won’t pay for each video uploads. But here in Moodz App, the paying for each valid uploads.

2. Upload Images:

As same as above, just upload good and valid images, photos, memes and earn points.

3. Write Quotes:

It’s very easy thing. Write Quotes about love, emotion, friendship, parents, relationship and many more and get points.

4. Engage With Others:

You don’t have any special talents? Don’t worry, you too can earn here. Get Just engage with other’s uploads by giving likes, shares, downloads.
For Eg: Just see anybody’s videos and earn points.
If you enjoy that video, give a like and earn points.
If you feel that video is useful, share that video to your friends and earn points.
Give your comment to that video and earn points.

5. Lets Your Luck Make Money:

Yes, play the Spin Wheel and earn. You can play the Spin Wheel 10 times a day. Each time you play, can earn around 5 to 100 points.

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