Ryan-Miranda Partners LLC

2019 Founded
Below 100 Employees

About Company


Ryan-Miranda helps growth businesses realize the promise of data science. We reduce the burden of data engineering while providing unmatched proficiency in compliance and data governance.

We pledge to be different than SaaS-oriented competitors and prioritize client growth over our own.

Our Processes:

Our process requires three broad steps, but is reducible to one key factor: listening.

We review your existing data sources, with the purpose of developing ETL (extract, transform, and load) capabilities. The ETL process harmonizes your data into a repository of clean, actionable information (in other words, a data warehouse). The data warehouse is a “single source of truth” compiled from all your data sources and covering your entire range of business.

Our application development is two pronged: 1) identify one-off deliverables which can be quickly deployed and strengthen your business now, and 2) build your data warehouse. This allows rapid progress to be made while steadily developing your data platform.

System conversions are disruptive and most companies do not have the luxury to squander resources. RM is about eliminating expense and disruption. Throughout the deployment process, we remain available to refine and improve your data capabilities.

We listen, we learn, we go to work.

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Location: 22 Boston Wharf Rd Floor 7, Boston, MA 02210, USA
Phone: +1 626-693-2168

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